Kenexa Managed Services

Allowing Kenexa to host your application removes worry and hassles for your internal IT staff, alleviates the hardware and infrastructure investment costs, removes the day-to-day environment maintenance and oversight, and permits you to focus directly on the success of the application. 

Tier I Hosting Facilities

Kenexa’s Managed Services applications are installed and managed at the facilities of a Tier 1 hosting provider. The facility maintains top-notch physical security including required photo IDs, palm density scan for further identify verification, security cameras at entry/exit points and data rooms, and locked server cabinets. Environmental monitoring, including fully redundant conditioned power, redundant HVAC systems, and full UPS coverage coupled with redundant generators, is in place 24x7x365 as well.

24 x 7 Monitoring and Support

Kenexa provides 7x24x365 monitoring of servers. This service provides notification of any server properties that exceed normal ranges as well as instant notification of down time, allowing remedial actions to begin immediately. Proactive monitoring of all system transaction performance is included and customers are notified if transaction performance degrades below acceptable levels.

Fully Redundant Architecture

With redundant internet connections, geographic connection redundancy, and full use of HSRP (hot swap routing protocol) Kenexa Managed Services mandate redundant architecture to best ensure your application is available at all times. Additionally, Kenexa provides a fully tested backup and disaster recovery plan to best ensure your data is protected and available.

Expert Level Customer Service

The Managed Services team is required to have “expert” level knowledge on all Kenexa products, and has direct access to other product experts within the organization. This type of expertise is an asset to all Managed Services customers.

Customers have 24x7x365 emergency support contact information that puts the managed services team in action should issues arise.