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Professional Services

With over ten years of experience in providing solutions for diverse organizations around the world, Kenexa is well equipped to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary for the successful implementation of a timeless and scalable learning solution.

All of the offerings from the Kenexa Services team are designed to help you solve even the most complex enterprise learning and knowledge management challenges. Whether your project dictates a full-scaled learning implementation, or involves maximizing the potential of a specific Kenexa product, the Kenexa Services team is here to assist you in ways that are customized to help you achieve a level of success that surpasses even your own expectations. Using our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, our tried-and-true processes, and unbeatable technology, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your Kenexa product implementation while empowering your own employees with the means to achieve your organization's goals. In addition to providing the framework for the beginnings of your success, we also offer continual support to scaffold upon this success.

We help you tackle your initiatives through a complete service package that includes:


Mentoring and Consulting Services are often the first services customers need when undertaking a new e-learning or knowledge management project. The Kenexa Services team capitalizes on our unique knowledge of the power and capabilities of the Kenexa product family and expertise in training, knowledge sharing and social business technologies, and instructional design and development methods and processes, to deliver the strategic advice that you need.

Kenexa consultants are highly skilled, with many years of experience, in project management, facilitation, business analysis, and strategic planning and have designed and provided solutions for small to large scale implementations of e-learning initiatives, Single Source / multiple publishing initiatives, SCORM / delivery initiatives and community / knowledge sharing initiatives.

Managed Services

“The implementation team is very impressed with [Kenexa]… It was very exciting to have someone so knowledgeable about the product, company, and industry leading the implementation..”

High-tech leader

With maximum flexibility in mind, Kenexa Managed Services provides you with hosting options that minimize disruption and maximize your ROI. Kenexa's IT professionals will do everything from start to finish, from configuring your server, to maintaining it while it is being used by your developers and learners.


Technical Implementation Services will see to it that your implementation is short and frictionless, enabling your enterprise to keep moving in the right direction. Each technical implementation service is designed around your specific business needs and challenges and encompasses installations, system integrations and other technical requirements.

Product Training

Kenexa offers a variety of courses to help customers get the right start to creating innovative learning content. We provide a full line of roles-based, hands-on, and results-oriented product training with most training offered as onsite ILT, e-learning or a combination of the two. Advanced topics are also offered through our consulting team. 

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