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Participate arms sales reps with the knowledge they need to close deals. Top performers always seem to know more and have a ready network of experts to quickly get the information they need to effectively sell. But the average salesperson flounders to locate the expert knowledge they need as they search portals, make frantic calls, and send out “Hail Mary” emails.


With Participate, knowledge access is frictionless either directly via the Participate tab within, through email, or even a mobile device. Participate connects your sales warriors to experts (80% of knowledge resides in people’s brains). And as expertise is shared, it is organically captured for re-use. The result is dramatically improved sales performance.

With Participate, you can:

  • Directly improve day-to-day sales productivity and effectiveness. Continually enhance your sales team’s level of expertise and job performance while avoiding the endless, frustrating search for knowledge.
  • Readily share best practices and experiential insight. Systematically share tips and tricks, ways to handle objections and experiential know-how via real-time peer communities and expert exchange.
  • Fully incorporate marketing in the sales process. Easily and efficiently contribute knowledge using popular business tools, peer communities and expert forums. Ad-hoc knowledge is captured in the knowledge bank for reuse to cut repetitive inquiries by as much as 50%.
  • Comply with regulations information accuracy. Vet the quality of content and designate its level of approval with an automated review and approval process.
  • Achieve fast time-to-value with the combination of the on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) business model and Kenexa’s proven best-practice implementation methodology with typical deployment in days.

Key Features

  • integration: By integrating Participate within Salesforce app, salespeople have a single location to access the knowledge they require whether that information resides in Salesforce app, Participate or an external knowledge source.
  • The knowledge bank provides a central hub for finding knowledge and intelligently guides users to the most relevant content, significantly reducing the time it takes to locate knowledge.
  • Workflow manages expert exchanges by automating inquiry routing to the most appropriate SME, controlling question volume, distributing workload and establishing service levels for escalation and response.
  • Desktop plug-ins for Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Internet Explorer, e-mail and file systems make contributing to the knowledge bank as simple as “Save As”, “Send to” or a Wiki entry.
  • Organic knowledge capture quickly expands the knowledge bank by automatically capturing knowledge shared during peer community discussions and expert exchanges.
  • Automated workflow manages knowledge bank contributions, routing them for review and approval, expiring entries, archiving content, or returning it to its creator for re-validation.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics help sales and marketing quickly identify knowledge gaps in the knowledge bank.

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