Sales Readiness

Participate lets you move far beyond traditional sales readiness with a continuous learning environment that enables sales professionals to sell faster and better. Participate combines formal training with a collaborative network of peers and experts to speed up the on-boarding of new team members or bring the team up-to-date on new products and initiatives.

With Participate you can:

  • Spend more time selling by making it easy for team members to access and use learning as well as find the right expert or peer to answer a question.
  • Reduce sales readiness costs and resource needs with a suite of business-oriented tools that cut the time needed to create and share learning content.
  • Gain deep insight into team proficiency through dashboards and comprehensive reporting that show sales readiness and competencies by individuals, regions, and teams.

Key Features

  • A one-stop learning center for elearning courses and collaboration with peers and experts makes it easy for sales professionals to find the resources they need for market knowledge, competitive intelligence, and experienced-based best practices.
  • Sales professionals monitor their progress through learning modules and find and take courses that match their needs. Discrete learning “nuggets” can be aligned to their current sales situation, skill level, and knowledge gaps so that they absorb just the right amount of knowledge at the right time.
  • Real-time management dashboards provide visibility into a team’s readiness, enabling managers to quickly identify team proficiency levels, flag readiness gaps by team and individual, and determine the best training for closing those gaps.
  • Subject matter experts use familiar Microsoft® PowerPoint to rapidly create and publish highly interactive, on-demand elearning modules that include interactions, questions and tests.
  • Online peer communities and expertise exchange let sales professionals collaborate while they learn using email to communicate. The knowledge bank automatically captures these exchanges so that new knowledge is available to the whole community.
  • Sales professionals have 24x7 access to hot sales discussions and easy access to answers from community experts and peers.

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