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Study after study suggests that buyers are unhappy with sales reps’ lack of knowledge and slow response. According to a recent Cahners survey, 58 percent of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively. And 40 percent of sale professionals’ time is spent finding the information and knowledge required to do their jobs.

Fortunately, according to CSO Insights, addressing this issue can boost the number of sales reps making quota by 23 percent and improve the win rates of forecasted deals by 13 percent. It also improves morale and retention, cutting sales rep turnover by nearly a third.

A large part of the issue is sales reps’ inability to find and access the individual(s) with the know-how, experience, and ideas needed. And even if they do, the conversation isn’t captured and made available to others who may benefit from the same information.

With Participate, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness and competency of your sales and marketing professionals and produce meaningful results. Sales opportunities are rapidly advanced through the buying cycle and sales people are differentiated when they deliver highly relevant answers to buyers' questions and spend less time looking for knowledge.

Participate helps marketing and sales management become an integral part of the sales cycle with tools. Using Participate, organizations can:

  • Provide on-demand sales readiness through the delivery of training at any time with minimal work interruption
  • Empower teams to share best practices and collaborate on key selling issues
  • Easily find and facilitate the exchange of knowledge with experts, reducing both the time consuming and frustrating effort to locate experts and the need for experts to repeatedly answer the same questions
  • Capture knowledge organically as it is shared by peers and experts and without changing the way people work
  • Maintain knowledge in a knowledge bank, providing instant 24x7 self-service access to critical information
  • Manage, track and measure sales readiness using executive and management dashboards that offer instant insight into individual and sales team proficiency and where knowledge gaps exist
  • Benefit from a proven track record in delivering effective best-practices

Sales Knowledge - Participate arms sales with the knowledge they need to close deals. Top performers always seem to know more and have a ready network of experts to quickly get the information they need to effectively sell. But the average salesperson flounders to locate the expert knowledge they need as they search portals, make frantic calls, and send out “Hail Mary” emails.  Read More

Sales Readiness - Participate lets you move far beyond traditional sales readiness with a continuous learning environment that enables sales professionals to sell faster and better. Kenexa's social business solution combines formal training with a collaborative network of peers and experts to speed up the on-boarding of new team members or bring the team up-to-date on new products and initiatives. Read More

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