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Social media offers customers a myriad of new and powerful ways to instantly broadcast and discuss their opinions and experiences about companies and their products and services.  Businesses can be left grasping for mindshare and brand control or actively participate, leveraging and receiving the advantage and benefit from these customer conversations.
With Participate you can deploy a sponsored venue, centered on your company, products, services and related issues, enabling you to listen, converse and learn from customers’ conversations.

Using Participate you can:


  • Accelerate branding initiatives:  Ride the social wave and extend your reach by making it easy for your brand enthusiasts to speak up, spawn conversations, spread the message, and virally influence the market, while attracting new customers.
  • Gain insights from your target markets:  Continuously gather and expose the conversations and insights that take place about your company, products, and services.
  • Make more informed decisions:  Make decisions that are both fast and fully considered. Drive decisions and deliverables based upon an eagle-eye view of customer perspectives, competitive intelligence, and product feedback.
  • Sense and respond to change:  Continuously adapt to new and shifting environments, and act quickly on new opportunities.
  • Influence your brand:  Not only can you monitor customer engagement conversations, but you can also become part of the conversation.
  • Accelerate sales velocity:  Get faster time-to-revenue as a key step in the buying process is community engagement
  • Improve product:  Collaborate, get feedback, and solicit new ideas with customers.

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