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For organizations to agilely adapt to the rapidly changing market challenges they face, their employees, customers and partners must continuously learn new processes, new products, new best practices and the like. To support this continuous learning environment, organizations can complement formal learning initiatives with social learning. 

While formal learning is structured, planned, and often requires time away from normal work activities, social learning occurs whenever people with insights and knowledge to share get together. Asking questions, getting answers, coaching, mentoring, and connecting to experts are all examples of social learning scenarios.

Using Participate, organizations can establish a social learning environment that: 

  • Makes formal learning initiatives more scalable and effective.
  • Supports just-in-time learning.
  • Increases team and organizational learning – As conversations and learning interventions can be organically captured and re-used.
  • Makes it easier for learners to connect to the collective intelligence of the organization.
  • Extends learners reach, enabling conversations with peers and experts beyond their own social network as well as across geographic and time barriers.
  • Captures, rates, and categorizes conversations and learning content for on-going use.

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"Participate helped streamline the exchange of expertise, offering immediate answers to critical questions"

Director of Opportunity Management
Pharmaceutical Company

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