Social Business Software for Field Services

Field services have a difficult job. Each time they enter the field their effectiveness directly impacts customer satisfaction, company reputation, and cost of service. Although both the company and the customer want a “one visit and done” approach, it’s virtually impossible for them to prepare for the myriad of rapidly changing customer variables they face each and every day – different products and models, options, versions, and customer configurations to name a few. 

Using Participate, field services can greatly benefit from a social business software environment by connecting them to the know-how, best practices, answers, and expertise they need to successfully complete their tasks, improve service, speed business, improve morale, and reduce escalations. 

With Participate, field service organizations can:


  • Quickly gather information, get answers and access expertise required to successfully address issues.
  • Accelerate the rate at which new knowledge is available to all field service personnel.
  • Participate in the community and access know-how even from wireless and mobile devices.
  • Identify and establish a dialogue around new problems.
  • Collectively build a portfolio of best practices.
  • Maintain a collective memory on each issue and resolution.
  • Benefit from a rich source of information – Continuously gather and analyze the conversations and insights of your field services team to expose new issues faster, and proactively prepare them for future engagements.

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