Social Business Software for Customer Service & Support

Live support is often expensive, hard to scale, and poorly received.  But now business can take advantage of a true social phenomenon to improve customer service while decreasing call volumes and minimizing costly escalations, all while saving your customer service agents and experts for the highest priority issues and customer interactions.

Customers have incredible knowledge around your products and services, and are highly motivated to collaborate with and help fellow customers. With Participate, you can establish a customer service social business environment where like-minded customers can collaborate, share insights, and answer questions.

Using Participate, you can:


  • Empower customers and decrease call volumes:  Customers can engage and resolve issues online with other customers and product experts, 24/7.
  • Re-use knowledge:  Conversations and knowledge shared are organically captured and categorized.
  • Improve Customer Relationships:  Exchange information quickly and easily between your CRM system and Participate to close tickets faster and convert ticket resolution research and conclusions into readily available solutions.
  • Judiciously leverage company experts:  Questions and issues can be automatically escalated to experts when answers are not available in a timely manner.
  • Answer questions once:  Experts' responses are automatically captured and categorized for re-use, eliminating the need for your SMEs to answer the same question repeatedly.
  • Free agents to deal with most complex issues and highest value customers
  • Gain business insights:  Continuously gather and expose the conversations and insights that take place about your company, products, and services.

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"Participate helped streamline the exchange of expertise, offering immediate answers to critical questions"

Director of Opportunity Management
Pharmaceutical Company

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