Social Business Software for Associations

Associations have huge challenges associated with membership retention, fundraising, and improved program delivery, all while doing more with less.

Association members already share a common interest - an online community. When powered by Participate social business software, associations can connect and engage members across geographic and time barriers, helping to enhance the association’s image, create more loyal, satisfied members, and drive higher renewal and donation rates all while helping the association to be more efficient and effective.

With Participate, associations can:


  • Promote a culture of communication and collaboration 
  • Improve relationships and networking
  • Facilitate more membership interactions, furthering loyalty and donations
  • Enable members to quickly connect, share expertise, best practices, experiences, and ideas 
  • Enhance professional networking
  • Stimulate dialogue and debate on important issues
  • Share governances, policies and standards
  • Re-use and share knowledge – Capture conversations, ideas, best practices and the like for ongoing use.
  • Gain valuable insight – Get feedback and continuously gather and expose the conversations and insights that take place about your association, your processes, key issues, and the like. 

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"Participate helped streamline the exchange of expertise, offering immediate answers to critical questions"

Director of Opportunity Management
Pharmaceutical Company

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