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Participate was built from the ground up to be a world-class enterprise platform, and has been deployed in high traffic public-facing implementations. It also meets the stringent requirements of tracking and controlling of internal facing deployments in highly secured environments. The platform provides the following core enterprise capabilities:


Participate supports multiple communities within a single installation. Each community can be locked down or opened as needed. Participate provides access control locking at the content level to specify granular read and modify permissions if necessary.


Participate offers a collection of standard reports that provide insight into member and expert participation, content contribution and usage trends, and also metrics that help administrators maintain a healthy and active community. Reports are also available to monitor internal operations and processes to help identify how the system is positively impacting the organization, and to provide actionable insights into areas Participate could provide additional support.


Built into Participate is a highly configurable workflow engine that can be customized to model any review, approval, notification or escalation process as needed.


Participate can be easily localized to any left-to-right language and also supports content creation and searching in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, with no limits on the number of languages supported in a particular deployment.



Participate provides connectors that can be configured to leverage information from any existing system such as Document Management systems, CRM systems, or SharePoint repositories. 

The following connectors are provided out of the box:

File System Crawler

 – To access documents and files stored on network shares or directories

Web Crawler

 – To access any information on existing websites, such as internal or external wikis, portals or traditional websites

RSS Crawler

– To retrieve feeds from news sites, blogs, or podcasts 

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