OutStart, Inc. is a global organization dedicated to providing award-winning knowledge solutions. At OutStart, information sensitivity and data security is of the utmost importance to us and this policy is intended to ensure that all third parties’ information managed by OutStart is protected and treated appropriately. Accordingly, we adhere to the Safe Harbor Principles established by the U.S. Department of Commerce with respect to all such information.

This US-EU Safe Harbor Statement sets forth the principles followed by OutStart in connection with the transfer and protection of personal information.

Safe Harbor Principles

As part of OutStart’s information privacy policy, OutStart discloses what information we collect, the purposes for which we collect it, and the types of third parties with which we share information. At OutStart, we always provide individuals with options for limiting the disclosure of and/or the use of information and the opportunity to communicate to our organization any inquiries, comments, or complaints. 

OutStart provides individuals with the opportunity to choose whether their information will be disclosed to a third party or used in a manner that is inconsistent with the purpose for which it was originally collected or authorized by the individual. Individuals can have their information corrected, limited, deleted, or returned by sending us an e-mail at info@outstart.com or they can reach us by telephone at 617-897-6800.

Onward Transfer (Transfers to Third Parties)
OutStart will only transfer information to a third party if we have applied the Notice and Choice principles as stated above. In addition, in the event information is shared with a third party, OutStart will enter into a written agreement with such third party requiring that the third party provide at least the same level of information protection as is stated in this policy. 

Upon written request to OutStart, OutStart will grant individuals reasonable access to their information and the opportunity to correct, limit, delete, or return their information. OutStart will also take reasonable measures to ensure that information is accurate and provide individuals with the opportunity to review their information to ensure that accurate and up to date records are kept.

OutStart (including where OutStart uses Managed Services) will use reasonable precautions to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

Data Integrity
OutStart only collects information that is relevant to the objective for which the information is to be used. OutStart will take reasonable steps to ensure that information is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete, and current.

OutStart’s management has implemented measures to verify and enforce company-wide compliance with the policies and procedures of this privacy statement. Any employee found to be in violation of this privacy statement will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the OutStart policies and procedures.

With respect to any complaints or disputes relating to this privacy statement, please contact us via e-mail at info@outstart.com or you can reach us by telephone at 617-897-6800. If for any reason, OutStart is unable to resolve your complaint or dispute to your satisfaction, we have agreed to participate in the dispute resolution procedures of the panel established by the EU data protection authorities to resolve disputes pursuant to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.


Please contact us with any questions, comments, or complaints concerning this US-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Statement at:

OutStart Corporate Headquarters                
745 Atlantic Avenue, 4th Floor                                             
Boston, MA 02111                                                             
Tel: 617.897.6800                                                           
Fax: 617.897.6801
email: info@outstart.com

This Statement is effective as of July 28th, 2011