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Personalized Content

How do you receive the content you use everyday? Ranging from Tweets to RSS feeds to info on your mobile devices, the content you need is delivered in a number of ways to suit your personal needs. Forward thinking organizations understand this and have turned to LCMS technology to help automate the development, maintenance and management of modular and personalized learning content. This video describes the concept. Productivity software for your mobile workforce.

LCMS Support for Content Reuse

Kenexa demonstrates how learning object re-use is achieved using Kenexa LCMS. Watch the video to learn more.

Kenexa's Social LMS

Kenexa demonstrates the Social LMS. Watch the video to learn more.


Video Customer Stories

AAA Finds LCMS Savings with Reuse and Productivity

AAA selected Kenexa LCMS because it allowed them to manage current generation and build next generation content with collaboration of their business partners - something that could not have been achieved with their old method of developing content.

Challenger Corp. Changes a Learning Paradigm

Using Kenexa LCMS, Challenger Corp. converted the largest physician training library for 385,000 doctors.

NextGen Healthcare Education Continues to Grow with Kenexa Learning Suite

NextGen Healthcare customers learn at a moment's notice. Watch the customer story to learn how NextGen supplements their trainers with online development, delivery, and management of eLearning using Kenexa Learning Suite (formerly called OutStart

Recorded Webinars

The Social LMS – Fusing Informal and Formal Learning (7.33 MB)
In this webinar, David Mallon, Vice President, Research at Bersin & Associates, will discuss the growing need for a Social LMS, the critical functionalities such a platform would have to support, and the potential benefits to your organization of implementing such a system. Participants will learn: Current trends, success cases and pitfalls in enabling a holistic approach to learning; Core capabilities of a Social LMS; Potential risks and benefits of a Social LMS; Guidance for selecting and implementing a Social LMS.
Why We Needed a Social LMS - The AMD Story
Join AMD’s Dave Stachura, Manager of Global Sales Enablement, who will describe AMD’s social learning strategy and implementation of their Social LMS to support their global organization including sales and marketing; AMD’s use of their social LMS to help students implement the knowledge they are learning in their coursework; AMD’s tips on how they leveraged the expertise of their people for mutual benefit; and the important of 360 feedback at AMD and how this is managed through a Social LMS. Also hear from Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Ashkin, Chief Operating Officer, who will present findings on Relationship Centered Learning, how it’s changing the face of learning for organizations, what social learning is and the components that make up a social LMS.
Removing Barriers Through Sales Enablement: A Case Study with AMD (67.07 MB)
Rachel Ashkin of the Brandon Hall Group and David Stachura of AMD present the case study on how AMD found a way to minimize the opportunity costs associated with dispersed tools, information, and learning.
AAA University: Case Study on Content Management - Creating a Self-Sustaining Learning Model
Scot Lake of Brandon Hall Group and key members of the AAA University NCNU Insurance Exchange share their approach and workflow for creating business information and training materials which leverages metadata-driven content aggregation. They also share how by leveraging a Learning Content Management System (LCMS), they've designed their program to support dynamic content delivery that meets the unique needs of their diverse audiences.
Case Study Webcast: How Key Learning Technologies Are Bringing Federal Learning to Life, featuring the U.S. VA
The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs discusses how LCMS solutions have been essential to meeting their learning challenges. Through this case study-driven webcast, you’ll learn about a dynamic program that has enhanced the learner experience while decreasing development time, simplified and improved control and visibility over the development cycle –including review, and enriched training deliverables, all while resulting in significant cost savings
Intro to OutStart Training - Next Generation LMS
OutStart combines award-winning LMS, social, mobile, and LCMS technologies into a single SaaS solution that can be deployed in days to meet the breadth of your learning and knowledge needs. During the Webcast, we demonstrate how this next-generation platform trumps the most sophisticated LMSs by combining all your learning and knowledge needs into one solution
Always Learning Webinar: Organizing Learning Content for Multiple Uses & Outputs
During this Webinar, analyst Bryan Chapman and YUM! Brands discuss the lessons learned by YUM! as they develop and refine their learning content strategy and program.
Always Learning Webinar: Building Scalable & Sustainable Learning Centers that Support Formal & Social Learning
During this 'Always Learning' interview, analyst, Bryan Chapman talks with learning award recipient, NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) about the innovative learning program the NSTA has developed.
Always Learning Webinar: Lessons Learned While Building a Global Learning Community
During this online interview session, learning analyst, Bryan Chapman, and learning innovators from YUM! Brands and Lawson Software discuss how they've integrating global learning programs.
Yahoo! - Learning at the Speed of Business
To maintain its Internet leadership position, Yahoo! must constantly deliver dynamic new offerings, placing an incredible demand on its customer care agents. During this case study-driven webinar, learn how Yahoo! is not only surviving but thriving in its training of customer care agents around the globe.
Always Learning Webinar: Integrating Learning with Day-to-Day Work
During this online interview session, learning analyst, Bryan Chapman, and learning innovators from McDonald’s and Xerox explore the topic of how organizations can move learning closer to day-to-day work and better engage with employees.
Always Learning Webinar: The Convergence of Formal, Social & Mobile Learning
Learning & Development groups around the world grapple with the challenge of how they can best impact their organizations. Increasingly, these groups are looking to support the variety of ways that people learn, including formal, social, and mobile. Some are asking whether these different learning modalities even need to work together, or are better as stand-alone components. While others are experiencing early successes in developing an "Always Learning" culture across their learning audiences. During this segment, leading learning analyst Bryan Chapman interviews Verizon Wireless & Xerox about their experiences, challenges and successes merging the 3 learning modalities.
Effectively Deploying Learning Content in Highly Regulated Environments - The United Airlines Case Study
United Airlines delivers thousands of compliance courses globally to its employees, partners and vendors. The training needs to be effective, and work on both old and new hardware without fail. Over time, various business units had collected a mix of custom and off-the-shelf authoring tools. However, maintenance with new FAA, TSA, and other regulations was time intensive. In 2008, United embarked on a program deploying a Learning Content Management System for the enterprise-wide development, management, and maintenance of key initiatives. Attend this Webinar to learn how United overcame business challenges in a highly regulated environment and lessons learned that you may be able to apply to your organization.
The McDonald's LCMS (Learning Content Management) Story
Learn how McDonald's aligned its learning content strategy, people and process change, and technology. Featuring: Steve Lange, McDonald's Global Learning Solutions Manager - Worldwide Training, Learning & Development
Case Study Webcast: Transforming Federal Learning - Seen Through the Eyes of the Innovators
This webrecording provides an exploration of learning and training transformations through the eyes of the innovative organizations paving the way. Case study presentations are based upon the Canadian Air Force (AFIILE) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Case Study Webcast: Xerox Goes Green, Learning Content Reuse and Repurposing
Xerox discusses how they reduce costs and development time by reusing and recycling content; how they designed training with increasing value over time, and how 'green' innovations at Xerox may translate to your organization.
Meeting the Demand for Learning On-Demand- featuring Bersin & Associates
During this Webcast, Chris Howard, Bersin & Associate's principal analyst and Director of Research, details what's required to support an on-demand model including:
• Organizational Changes
• Tools & Resources
• Best-Practice Models
Chris also examines how to leverage existing content and the types of standards and templates that work best.
5 Steps to Jumpstart Learning, featuring The Chapman Alliance
Based on his 'How to Jumpstart Learning Toolkit' and learning best practices research, leading analyst Bryan Chapman will explain the value of evolving from a traditional training approach to a dynamic 'Learning Culture' and the 5 straight forward steps it takes to get there. You'll learn how to:
• Define & build your business case for a Learning Culture
• Create a platform strategy
• Map learning technologies to your specific needs
• Measure your success and ROI
Using an LCMS for Learning at Work
This webinar involves two case studies (AgustaWestland and PA Consulting) focused on using a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Both examine the learning and development function in a large enterprise and how it was transformed by using an LCMS.
Case Study Webcast: NextGen's Roadmap to a Flourishing Customer Training Program
Understanding how small-to-medium sized training departments thrive under intense pressure and limited resources can help any organization better address their own issues. During this Webrecording, NextGen uncovers the business results achieved through their effective use of learning technology, namely OutStart (formerly OutStart Studio) Special guest speaker, Tara Schulz, Manager, eLearning Department, Client Services Division of NextGen
OutStart and Oracle Present: Learning Matters- Your Competitive Advantage is Within
OutStart and Oracle review the benefits realized by consolidating your learning platform;best practices in learning content creation, management, maintenance and delivery; and lessons learned by organizations adopting unified learning content and learning platform solutions.

Case Studies

AAA (474.4 KB)
AAA selected OutStart LCMS because it allowed them to manage current generation and build next generation content with collaboration of their business partners - something that could not been acheived with their old method of developing content.
Adayana (261.51 KB)
Twenty percent savings in course development time using OutStart LCMS.
AgustaWestland (476.83 KB)
AgustaWestland is training over 68,000 learners at remote locations in over 8 countries using OutStart LCMS and OutStart LMS.
Aircraft Manufacturer (271.45 KB)
Training revenue has become as valuable a service to this European aircraft developer’s revenue stream as their state-of-the-art aircrafts. This development has seen the training department triple in size over the last year.
AMA - American Management Association (661.67 KB)
The AMA has launched their blended learning offering, which is based on the OutStart LCMS Platform. In this Customer Spotlight, Nicholas Igneri, Director of Learning Technologies with AMA, discusses why the AMA added blended learning, and why they chose OutStart LCMS.
Ascent Flight Training (343.89 KB)
Ascent is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Babcock with a 25-year contract to provide the UKMFTS for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to bases across England and Wales. Its mandate is to deliver world-class, integrated training capabilities that are cost effective, coherent and flexible to cater to the future flight training needs of the UK Armed Forces until 2041. Ascent used OutStart LCMS to drive the program.
Aviation Trainer (768.43 KB)
After implementing the LCMS, the training team was able to decrease development time and costs by 30%. The company attributes the decrease in time it takes to develop a course to the abilities to reuse content, make overall changes, work in a team environment for content development and the overall ease of use of the system.
Calgary Police Service (151.24 KB)
For the Calgary Police Service, the decision to adopt OutStart LCMS resulted from the convergence of eight pressing needs. The following describes those needs and identifies how OutStart LCMS coupled with an LMS provided a complete solution for the Calgary Police Service.
Challenger (498.16 KB)
Using OutStart LCMS converted the largest physician training library for 385,000 doctors.
CMR Institute (322.52 KB)
CMR Institute offers practical education to biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics professionals. They have educated more than 150,000 students from more than 75 pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide, making them the leading provider of educational solutions for healthcare representatives and managers.
Extron (161.85 KB)
Delivering effective training and certification for over 1000 geographically dispersed dealers and consultant using OutStart LCMS.
Kaiser Permanente (438.67 KB)
OutStart LCMS recently helped Kaiser Permanente to boost the speed that training is created and reviewed developing learning 50% faster and achieving satisfaction rates among learners of 75% or higher.
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems (330 KB)
NextGen Healthcare Customers Learn at a Moment's Notice.
Petroleum Registry of Alberta (187.42 KB)
Using OutStart LCMS, The Petroleum Registry of Alberta trained 5000 members on new enterprise software before its rollout.
Royal Navy
"Our (OutStart) LCMS isn't just a piece of software... it's a way of life." Royal Navy Lt. Commander.
WestJet (262.74 KB)
WestJet is continually training and upgrading staff skills to meet the highest standards of customer service and operational expertise. Read how OutStart LCMS allows for timely self-service training, “on-the-fly”, to WestJet’s highly mobile and motivated workforce.


Kenexa LCMS (2.09 MB)
Kenexa offers the industry’s most comprehensive and adaptable LCMS solution. From development to streamlined maintenance, management and delivery of modular learning, Kenexa LCMS automates the complete learning content life cycle to help organizations achieve their key business goals.

Kenexa Learning Suite (1.21 MB)
A (SaaS) complete learning system supporting formal, social and mobile learning. The integrated system includes a full-function LMS, LCMS, Mobile, and support for social (Web 2.0) informal learning and collaboration.
Kenexa Social LMS (1.8 MB)
Kenexa LMS is a full-featured, configurable, enterprise-grade Social LMS that integrates social networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities, as well as basic interactive elements that allow users to rate learning content and share their experiences.