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Participate Social Media for Business

Organizations considering social technologies need solutions purposely built for enterprise use. Watch the video to learn more.

Customer Story: Young President's Organization

YPO uses Kenexa Participate for linking together their members in a confidential and secure environment for expertise exchange around the most vital challenges that they are facing.

Recorded Webinars

Easy to Follow Paths to Leverage Social Technology
In this Webinar Bersin & Associates’ David Mallon joins OutStart in a discussion of social technologies and their learning applications. Social technologies provide extraordinary benefits to learners, but many continue to struggle with how to take advantage of them. To succeed, organizations need a guide that demonstrates how social technologies can be effectively applied to enhance their learning practices. This Webinar is that guide.
Intro to OutStart Participate – Powering the Social Business Communication & Collaboration Revolution
There’s revolution happening that’s transforming how businesses collaborate, communicate and share information with employees, partners, and customers. And OutStart Participate is playing a key role. During the Webcast, we cover: • The benefits of social business software to an organization • The social technology requirements to be enterprise ready • Implementation approaches to get you started fast • OutStart Participate features and capabilities • Demo of this powerful and flexible social business software solution
Social Business- Best Practices for Customer Success and Business Value
Leveraging social technologies to improve service operations is no longer bleeding edge: TSIA data shows that mass adoption of discussion forums and other social media channels for support has already occurred, with sometimes lackluster results. Based on findings from TSIA’s annual social media and member technology surveys, as well as real world customer examples from social business expert Outstart, this webcast will focus not on buzzwords, but on business value.
Always Learning Webinar: 'Mashing Up' Formal & Social Learning...a Success Story Featuring Lawson Software
During this Webcast, Bryan Chapman, Learning Industry Analyst, leads a discussion around integrating social & formal learning. Guest Alan Hupp, Global Vice President of Learning with Lawson Software, discusses the innovative approach (referred to as “Liquid Learning”) being used at Lawson Software to address the challenge of disparate learners and rapidly changing content.
Successful Customer Service Communities: Best Practices and Real-World Examples
Customer communities and social business software (SBS) have the potential to revolutionize the way companies deliver service and support. In fact, in a recent TSIA survey, 63% of respondents indicated that social media will be "very desirable or critical" to their service and support organization in the next two years. Yet, today, only 2 - 10% of total technology service and support is handled using social media. In this 30-minute webcast we examine lessons learned from first movers, emerging trends and examine examples from the field, including: Best practices, experiences and real-world customer communities; Trends such as the need to seamlessly integrate enterprise and social content; ROI and success metrics; How to get started, governance, incentives and social business platforms (Presented by TSIA, featuring OutStart)
Making Social Media Work - Taking a long view on customer communities and social software in the enterprise
Communities and social software have the potential to transform the way organizations sell, support, deploy, and service their products. Going “social” can improve sharing and access to knowledge, and signal to the market that you are listening to customers and want to involve them in product innovation. But with all the hype around social media, a short-term view can lead to very public missteps. Building the right plan and team, and having the right technical foundation and partnerships is essential to take advantage of the full value of communities and create lasting value for your business and customers.
Overcoming the Public Sector Knowledge Crisis
You've heard the 'aging workforce' stats. So what can be done? Join this recorded roundtable session as federal knowledge management experts from the U.S. Air Force Knowledge Management Center of Excellence, and from Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Engineering Strategic Development, discuss retaining and optimizing intellectual capital.


Kenexa Participate Datasheet (2.04 MB)
Download the datasheet for Kenexa Participate. The most comprehensive social business software solution available specifically designed to fully integrate into your learning and talent management solutions.


Kenexa Participate Datasheet (2.04 MB)
Download the datasheet for Kenexa Participate. The most comprehensive social business software solution available specifically designed to fully integrate into your learning and talent management solutions.

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