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Universal Watercooler  

Participate is the universal water cooler for your entire organization, and customers. People gather around and engage in conversations that share experiences and insights, offer advice and help solve problems. Participate breaks down geographic and time barriers and provides various mediums, such as Blogs, Discussions, Instant Messaging, Private Messaging and even email, for people to express their ideas effectively and converse efficiently.

Communication Channels

Participate provides a number of intuitive communication channels to let you hold your conversations easily and naturally. Participate’s Personal Blogs are a natural way of starting a conversation by soliciting feedback and comments. For example, you can share experiences, insights and discoveries, or your own commentary on recent events as a way to stimulate others to share their opinions. You can also engage the community around you using the built-in Community Discussions feature. Or you can hold direct one-on-one conversations with mentors, peers or subordinates using real time Instant Messaging or disconnected Private Messaging. Participate gives you control to keep these one-on-one conversations private or share them with others. Participate even lets you converse using Email just the way you currently do, and still be able to easily share that conversation with the larger community.

Participate offers Awareness Indicators that allow team members to view who is online in Participate or in their IM clients. With this information users have a sense of a participant’s responsiveness and whether to email, Private Message through Participate or initiate an Instant Messaging conversation.


Rating and Measurement  

With so much information being shared, it’s important that appropriate controls are in place to ensure that valuable content is surfaced, and relevance is maintained. Participate’s Content Rating feature allows end users to collaboratively express how valuable certain content is. The system also automatically tracks metrics such as how many times the content was read, how many people bookmarked it, and how many comments have been posted to it. These metrics give end users a sense of popularity or usefulness of specific content. The feature also allows administrators to automatically showcase hot conversations and contributions on home pages. Lastly, these metrics also help management understand and identify problem areas so they can react and fill the information gaps quickly.

The inherent problem with content is that it ages and loses its relevance. Participate provides an intelligent archival mechanism to automatically archive content when it reaches a certain age or to notify the appropriate parties to review it and determine whether or not updates are necessary.


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