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Empower your Mobile Workforce

Workers in the field need answers fast. They don't have time to take detours to find a WiFi hotspot while traveling or leave their jobs in the field to return to a dedicated terminal to be able to connect and leverage the rest of the organization. Now they can take all the best knowledge, insight and experts from your organization with them regardless of where they are. Your corporate knowledge is no longer tethered to an office or desk; with Participate Mobile it can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your mobile wireless device.

Sales people naturally spend much of their time travelling; they can use Participate Mobile to refresh their knowledge prior to a customer meeting, find answers to customer questions during breaks or get a hold of the best expert after the meeting to follow up on key items. Technicians, while at a job site, can access reference material or solicit help from technical resources back at the office to solve difficult problems. Implementation consultants can reference best practices and tips & tricks shared by others performing the same tasks. No matter what or where the need arises, Participate is always at your finger tips.

Never Work Alone

Participate helps keep remote workers connected to the people in the organization that can help them. These could be peers performing the same job at another site, or managers or mentors with more experience, or subject matter experts with intimate knowledge and insight. Workers can use Participate Mobile to quickly find those who have the know-how to help. They can submit their request for help to Participate's Concierge Desk or they can seek out specific people and access their contact information using the Expert Directory.

Overall, Participate makes your workforce more efficient and better prepared to do their jobs no matter where they are.


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