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Ever try to remember where you heard or read something? It may not have been that relevant then but you need it now to help you with your current problem. Was it an email that someone sent, or did you write it down somewhere? Where do you start looking for it? Participate captures the collective experiences, discoveries and conversations of your entire organization and makes it readily available to everyone. Helpful insights, important decisions, and invaluable research are no longer isolated and lost in inboxes and file folders, they are openly available for everyone to reference and leverage.

But with this vast wealth of information, it becomes crucial for people to be able to easily and precisely find the information they are looking for when they need it. Participate provides a number of ways to help you find what you need.  You can describe what you are looking for using questions or sentences and  Participate will understand them using its sophisticated Natural Language Parser. You can also use keywords to tell Participate what you are looking for, and don't worry if you don't know or remember the exact terms that were used, Participate's Concept Library understands synonyms, acronyms, different tenses and can even understands lingo that is specific to your business and market. Participate also provides intuitive means to filter information by areas of interest, type of content, when it was created and who it was created by.

Stay Connected with Content and People

Always know what's going on in the areas that interest you the most.  With Participate, you can quickly configure Subscriptions which will automatically send you regular email digests of community activity in the topics you're interested in. You control what you receive and when you receive it.  You can also subscribe to individual conversations that interest you and are always emailed comments and questions on content that you created.

Besides following content, Participate also allows you to Follow People. This lets you connect with valuable people in the organization, be they mentors or peers. This connection keeps you abreast of what they are currently doing, and also notifies you of any new information or conversations that they share or engage in.

Staying abreast of what is actively being discussed, researched and worked on anywhere in the organization becomes effortless and flows naturally through the most common business channel of communication; email. Your organization becomes an open environment where ideas and insights radiate from every corner. People leverage each others' work instead of re-inventing the wheel. This directly improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your entire organization.


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