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The Personal Concierge

In our personal lives, we know who to turn to for help – but when it comes to our corporate environment it’s not so straight-forward. Participate's Personal Concierge is your one-stop shop for getting other people’s ideas and insights to help you get your problems solved. Simply tell the Personal Concierge what you're looking for and it will sift through its existing memory of past conversations, contributions and recommendations to immediately present the best solutions it finds. If those solutions are not available, it will send your problem to others who have the know-how to help. 

The power of the Personal Concierge is the people behind it – the people with the experience, talent and insight to solve problems. Participate will automatically direct your query to the best experts via email. Those experts, in the normal course of their day, respond to the emails with solutions. Participate immediately sends the solutions to the original seeker and captures this email exchange in its memory so future users can benefit from these solutions.

By leveraging email, Participate facilitates question and answer exchanges without taking the users away from the tools they use to perform their day-to-day jobs.

Expert Profiling

What someone knows changes so rapidly that you never know who might have the best answer.  Participate provides an Expertise Profiling engine which is an intelligent mechanism for administrators or end users to identify areas of expertise. It's smart enough to learn, suggest or automatically adjust a user's expertise over time, based on his or her activity and contributions.

A user's expertise can be specified at multiple levels from general to granular, and in multiple areas as appropriate. Think of the various expertise of a user as individual colors in a palette, that when combined, paint the complete picture of that individual. 

Expert Directory

In large or distributed organizations, it’s impossible to know everyone, and more importantly, what they know. Why limit your employees, customers and partners to only their personal network. By managing your organizations areas of expertise in Participate, users can leverage Participate’s Expert Directory to locate the best experts. Users can specify one or more areas they need help in and the system then returns a list of best matching experts. The user can then engage with the expert in a phone, email, Instant Messaging or Private Messaging conversation. Participate also lets users find people based on role, location, past experiences, or any other criteria by providing features to search member profiles.

Reward and Recognition System

Reward and recognition is the best way to encourage participation. Not only does Participate allow users to rate other users based on their contributions, it also provides an automated Rewards System that can showcase the top performers in the community, i.e. the Top 5 Experts who provided the most and best answers. This system recognizes the natural leaders within the organization, uncovering the huge store of hidden talent which will drive more business value. As leaders of the organization, this helps you recognize the potential company leadership of tomorrow.


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