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Social Networking 

Participate offers a full range of Social Networking features that enable users to find and build valuable relationships with other individuals within the community – be they internal thought leaders, managers, team members or even external customers or partners. 

How do you know if any member of the organization can be of value to you now or in the future? Just as in real life, you start by viewing a Business Card which Participate automatically generates for each user. From there you can delve into the user's Personal Profile that paints a complete picture which can include personal (photos, bio, background, and interests) and professional (job title, contact information, and areas of expertise) information. The profile also automatically evolves as the user interacts with the system, providing a snapshot of latest user contributions, what they are bookmarking, to whom they are connected, and their overall community ranking. Participate offers a robust Member Search functionality that allows users to find people based on any aspect of their personal profile.

As users connect with each other, they create a web of connections based on personal interests. Others can browse this web in order to discover new people in the community. By viewing the Personal Network of an individual you value, you can uncover others that are worth 'following'. By adding them to your network you have convenient access to their profile, bookmarks, blog, and other contributions and are also automatically notified via email of any ongoing information they share.

Social Bookmarking

If your friends can share their insight about what books to read and what movies to watch, why can't your co-workers provide you with similar insight into what business information is worthwhile as well? With Participate you can see what content your co-workers, or others whose opinion you value, are talking about.  They can openly promote something by writing about it in their Blog or they can simply provide Member Comments directly on the documents, presentations, Wiki's etc. 

Participate also provides more implicit ways of discerning the importance of content by letting you see what is read by the most people or what's bookmarked by the most people. If your co-workers are bookmarking certain content, that content may well be relevant to you too - this is the premise behind Participate's Social Bookmarking capabilities.

Tracking and Interacting with your Team

In Participate, you can be as aware of what your colleagues in another office or another part of the world are doing as you are of those sitting right next to you. Users can easily provide a quick one or two line status message to let others know where they are and what they are doing. Participants can connect to these users and receive notifications of progress and status updates. This form of MicroBlogging keeps you connected and provides a continuous stream of information about the ever-changing world around you. 

Managers can also easily stay abreast of what members of their teams are currently working on.  Participate's Manager's Dashboard provides a concise view of each team member's online status, on what they are currently working, and insight into what conversations are most pressing and relevant to their team. The system also provides convenient features to communicate directly with the whole team or with individuals. This makes it efficient for managers to forward valuable community insight, news and content to their team, hence ensuring that the team is well armed with the information they need to excel at their jobs.


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