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Reduce time re-inventing the wheel by providing people with Participate’s rich, collaborative Wiki environment where they can build on top each other’s work. Each individual provides his/her own know-how, insights, and perspective and the team at large benefits by getting well rounded information that is deeper and more detailed. As people learn from experiences, they can continually add and evolve the information, resulting in more accurate information that has been vetted and reviewed. This collaboration also encourages idea sharing and rapid innovation by involving more people.

Imagine, your marketing team can efficiently work with product experts to put the most compelling brochures, white papers, and other collateral together. Professional Services can streamline their work by collaborating with engineers on the design of custom implementations.  Customer Support can leverage power users from the customer base to document best practices and workarounds to common product problems.

There are no complex tools to learn, as the authoring environment boasts an intuitive rich text editor with standard text editing features. The system also addresses the concerns of group editing by tracking who changed what and when, and also allowing users to rollback edits if required. A robust and flexible workflow engine is also available that can be configured to drive a review and approval process for any content before it becomes available publicly.

For end users, there is so much anxiety related to downloading content from the web. When you click a link you have to ask yourself, “How long will this take to download?”  “Will I have the software that's needed to open this file?”  “Are there any viruses in it?”  One of the unspoken benefits of creating Wiki content is that it is completely web based. End users can read and navigate Wiki content quickly like they do any other web sites. The web pages are fully searchable and viewable from any web browser.  

Office Meets Social Software

The vast majority of the valuable business information resides on users' desktops in the form of documents, presentations, emails, etc. Participate makes sharing this wealth with the larger community quick and easy by providing a downloadable Plug-in which integrates with Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, and Internet Explorer. The Plug-in appears as a toolbar within these products and allows the user to contribute whatever they are working on in a couple of mouse clicks, be they documents, spreadsheets, or any other file format. Or imagine, you’ve just had an email discussion that resulted in a solution to a problem; you can quickly share that solution with the rest of the organization rather than losing that knowledge in your inbox.

The plug-in allows end-users to continue to contribute using traditional methods with which they are proficient. For example, Management can continue to build presentations and deliver them through Participate. Just like people send emails to colleagues containing URL’s to breaking news, market changes, competitor announcements or some other interesting insight from the web, they can use the Internet Explorer plug-in to share that URL so the entire organization can benefit from that information without being spammed. 

The plug-in also allows you to directly contribute to your Personal Blog by highlighting text from opened documents or cells from opened spreadsheets and automatically publishing the highlighted text as a new blog entry.

Media Sharing

YouTube has revolutionized communication on the internet. By recording themselves using a webcam and uploading those recordings people are able to rapidly and informally present, teach and demonstrate ideas over the internet like they never could before. Participate's Media Sharing brings the same capabilities into an all encompassing social business software platform.

Beyond this, Media Sharing also allows organizations to share more formalized podcasts (video or audio), such as interviews, lectures and recorded webinars. 

In Participate, media is not limited to audio or video broadcasting. Users can also share Flash content such as interactive simulations, product demonstrations, screen casts and other engaging training interactions.

Enterprise Communication Platform

Behind the vast collection of communication channels offered by Participate is an enterprise platform that provides complete control to administrators. With Participate’s robust permissioning engine, administrators can readily control who can author versus who can read any of the content in the system. Furthermore, they can secure down any portions of the site that may be confidential and available only to select users.

In addition, organizations and departments that operate in highly regulated or sensitive environments can take advantage of the workflow and approval capabilities to ensure the organization is protected against unauthorized content publication. Participate includes full content review capabilities and users are able to create and save drafts to ensure content not yet finalized or approved remains private.

The platform also provides a consistent set of features for all content regardless if it’s type, whether it’s a File, Media, Blog, Wiki or any other type of content.  End users are able to consistently search and bookmark content. End users also have the ability to comment on any content, hence, they are able to share their own experience and insights and add to the overall completeness of the original content.


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