Helping people engage, contribute and learn using interactive-rich media

IBM® Social Learning inspires people to engage with one another, contribute expertise and learn from others using interactive media in near real time. Recognizing that most learning is not done through formal training courses, it helps streamline the learning process by applying analytics, helping reveal opportunities to optimize content, improve efficiency, and increase longevity and relevance of the material.

IBM Social Learning can help:

  • Get your people engaged. Encourage people to grow by engaging in dialogue, searching, contributing to content and learning from others using interactive-rich media, including an advanced video learning experience. This platform encourages users to join communities of interest to learn from a blend of formal and informal content and allows them to more easily connect with experts who answer questions more accurately and in context.
  • Provide information the way your people want it by introducing new learning paradigms such as social dialog directly embedded in line with high-definition videos, and automatic video transcription from voice to text that saves time and effort. Video-based learning can be applied in virtually unlimited ways across industries and functions by creating a global, interactive coaching and training experience for essentially any time or location.
  • Streamline the learning process. Focus not on individual features and functions, but on an immersive and integrated environment that facilitates adoption and engagement. With technology and design weaved together, IBM Social Learning is an intuitive platform that lets the user focus on getting the job done rather than spending time looking for the information and people they need to connect with.

IBM Social Learning

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