Learning Suite Overview

Kenexa Learning Suite (formerly OutStart TrainingEdge.com) is an integrated formal, social and mobile enterprise learning suite with the industry‚Äôs first Social LMS, award-winning Learning Content Management System and mobile capabilities.

Kenexa Learning Suite Overview:

  • A blend of the industry's first formal and social learning management, content development and management, and mobile capabilities.
  • Deploy your social learning management functionality quickly.
  • Phased implementation of functionality lets you introduce social learning management, content development, and mobile capabilities simultaneously or incrementally as your learning requirements grow.
  • Software-as-a-Service deployment removes concerns around hardware, software, upgrades, and maintenance, and eliminates additional IT resource requirements.
  • Overall costs are less than singularly purposed learning management system that do not include social capabilities like networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Kenexa Learning Suite's components are available for enterprise deployment to work in conjunction or extend your existing environment.


  • Social Learner Management: Full-featured, configurable, enterprise-grade Social LMS that integrates social networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing capabilities as well as basic interactive elements that allow users to rate learning content and share their experiences. The suite also includes learning management functionality to administrate, document, track, report and deliver content and courses in support of classroom, online, and mobile learning. SaaS offering. 
  • Content Development & Management: Enables the development, management, maintenance, and delivery of modular and personalized training. OutStart TrainingEdge.com named 2011 Top Learning Portal
  • Mobile Capabilities: Rapidly develop, deploy, and analyze the use of device-independent mobile content to support anytime, anywhere learning, performance support, and priority communications.
    Available via SaaS
  • Social Business Software: Supports learning with and from colleagues and experts by using and integrating a wide-breadth of social software capabilities in a secure environment.


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