Software Simulation

Creating engaging software simulations that increase learner proficiency is quick, easy and cost effective with award-winning OutStart SoftSim. OutStart SoftSim streamlines development by making it possible to create highly interactive simulations for Web and Windows-based applications, online processes and forms without any programming. Designed to optimize the reuse of simulations, you can deliver each simulation in many different modes. Learners can watch, try and test their way to proficiency with a simulation delivered as show me, try me, quiz me, test me and procedure worksheets, as well as documentation. Download the datasheet

SoftSim Testimonial from TimeWarner Cable

"The bottom line is that SoftSim has enabled us to save on training costs in terms of curriculum development, travel and downtime…."

Time Warner Cable, Director of Training & Development

With OutStart SoftSim you can:
  • Shorten delivery time for interactive courseware. Rapidly create complex simulations using an intuitive interface that captures every action in real time.
  • Reduce training infrastructure costs. Create reality-based simulations that accurately mimic tasks and eliminate the need to set up parallel installations just for training.
  • Maximize e-learning investments. Expand your e-learning capabilities with seamless integration to the OutStart product suite including OutStart Trainer to include simulations as course content and OutStart Evolution LMS for one-step publishing to learners.

Key Features

  • Multiple capture methods, including automatic and configurable hot-keys, capture every action in real-time, such as mouse, keyboard and text interactions, radio buttons, checkboxes and list box controls.
  • Comprehensive authoring provides objectives-based simulations, simple, complex and variable-based branching, audio and narration support and synchronization, multi-lingual translation wizards, note and text formatting, spell checker, review management and immediate preview.
  • "Once and done" capture and generation delivers a single simulation in many different modes including Show Me, Guide Me, Try Me, Quiz Me, Test Me modes, printable procedures list, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and HTML documents, Compiled Help Files, as well as Flash and Java playback
  • Simulations comply with industry standards including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and ADA 508.

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