Features & Capabilities

Kenexa® Hot Lava Mobile® is the leading mobile solution to rapidly develop, deliver and analyze the use of all types of device-independent mobile content to meet a wide variety of priority communications, mobile learning and performance support scenarios. Unlike other tools, Hot Lava Mobile allows you to develop content once and deploy it to all popular mobile devices and tablets, including Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android etc. Watch the Video.

With Hot Lava Mobile, you can:

Develop device independent mobile content using  a PowerPoint plug-in with intuitive extensions for creating surveys, quizzes, and assessments. This intuitive approach enables a broad range of Learning & Development professionals and business users to readily develop high impact mobile content including mobile learning, performance support and communications.  Device independent means you develop once and the system adjusts to the display factors for different devices.  The ability to create mobile content independent of the mobile device allows organizations to save on content development but also provides faster time-to-delivery. 

Deliver content to any internet-enabled mobile device without the need for customization. This includes basic mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. Hot Lava Mobile fully integrates with existing corporate systems, provides the capability to set administrative rights to define module access, and facilitates sending SMS text and emails to your employees, partners and customers.

Analyze the delivery and usage of mobile content in real time. Either standalone or through your LMS (Learning Management System), Hot Lava Mobile provides instant feedback as to your mobile content's use and effectiveness.  Detailed reporting functionality includes user info as well as phone model used, time entered/exited, pages visited, questions taken/answered, score results, number of times content is accessed, and number of tries.e delivery and usage of mobile content in real time.  


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