OutStart Sees Software Sales Surge in German-speaking Countries; Company Signs 100th Customer

Boston – July 28, 2009 – Berlin-headquartered OutStart GmbH, a subsidiary of OutStart Inc., has signed its 100th customer within the German-speaking region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  OutStart GmbH sells a portfolio of social business software and learning systems, including its OutStart LCMS for developing, managing, maintaining and delivering learning content. 

OutStart GmbH’s 2008 revenue made up 10 percent of OutStart Inc.’s total annual revenue, and 30 percent of OutStart Inc.’s revenue beyond North America. The remaining 70 percent of OutStart Inc.’s 2008 international revenue came from other European countries, including the United Kingdom. 

Companies from Audi to Fresenius to Lufthansa now use one or more of OutStart GmbH’s solutions to connect their people to the know-how, creativity and learning they require to be efficient, effective and agile. 

“OutStart’s growth stems from the fact that the German market is achieving real results with our products, and our social business software and learning systems are very strong technologies,” said Matthias Schulz, OutStart’s vice president of European sales, and managing director of OutStart GmbH.  “For example, German-speaking businesses have found our technologies make knowledge-exchange and mobile learning not only effortless but also measurable.  In the end, I think people realize we’re not just selling them technology, rather we’re selling them a system that will help them meet a business aim.”

According to Schulz, German organizations are buying OutStart’s learning content management system (LCMS) technology for the following reasons:

• An LCMS enables businesses and customers to agilely transfer know-how about products, services and processes. 
• The OutStart LCMS delivers personalized learning that compresses the time to teach a customer how to use a product or make an employee highly effective.
• The LCMS delivers modular training, instead of the one-size-fits-all classes that have been a staple of the training industry for years.  Modular training is learning that an organization can shape to meet the exact concerns, language and learning style of employees, customers or business partners. 

The company expects adoption of its OutStart LMCS to continue for 2009 and beyond.  But OutStart has also seen a keen and growing interest in its other solutions such as OutStart Participate, which is a social business software platform, and Hot Lava Mobile, which is OutStart’s newest offering for developing, delivering and tracking mobile content. 

About OutStart

At OutStart, we’re out to solve a big problem. 

Most organizations posses a wealth of underutilized collective intelligence around their products, services and processes.  This underutilization negatively impacts employees, customers and partners, costing precious time and money while hindering performance.  Said simply, “what your people don’t know will hurt you.”  

OutStart’s social business software and learning systems act like a lifeline:  connecting people to the know-how, creativity and learning they require to be efficient, effective and agile. 

Since its inception in 1999, and backed by leading venture capital firms, OutStart has matured into a profitable and rapidly growing company with an impressive range of customers who are surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional business results.  The company is honored to have customers like Autodesk, BB&T, Boeing Company, BT, CVS Caremark, DIRECTV, EDS, Internal Revenue Service, Lufthansa, McDonald’s, MetLife, Prudential, TiVo, Australian Defence Force, U.S. Navy, UK Ministry of Defence, Verizon Wireless and Yum! Brands.   

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