OutStart and Eedo Knowledgeware Merge

Boston – July 22, 2008 – OutStart Inc. and Eedo Knowledgeware Corp. have combined their operations, making the new company the largest provider of software for creating and sharing organizational knowledge through learning and social collaboration.

The merged company, conducting business as OutStart, immediately becomes the dominant vendor of learning content management systems (LCMS). The company will use its vision and financial strength to serve the LCMS and learning market, while aggressively supporting the emerging need for a business social software platform to enable effective informal knowledge sharing.

“This merger brings both companies’ customers a larger, stronger organization that’s better able to support our needs now and into the future,” said Gaylene Galliford, manager of Training, Design & Development for Apria Healthcare. “Employees' learning needs are changing and innovating. The product offerings and support provided by Eedo and OutStart appear to offer a very robust combination of learning, tracking, content management, mobility and social software options for both current and potential clients.”

“This merger is an exceptionally positive event for all of our customers and the market,” said John Hudson, president of OutStart. “The product portfolios are highly complementary. We now can offer the two leading LCMS solutions that span the complete spectrum of requirements from blended learning through single sourcing to high-impact elearning. Together we can fully meet our customers’ needs to build, manage and transfer knowledge across the enterprise.”

“Our top priority is to ensure that our customers receive even greater support, innovations and products as we go forward as one company,” said Massood Zarrabian , CEO of OutStart. “As we have in the past, we will move quickly to integrate our portfolio of products. For example, we are already in the process of developing the integration between ForceTen and Participate to further support informal learning, expertise exchange and collaboration in the ForceTen environment.”

“As electronic content has proliferated in corporations, learning content management has become more and more critical to corporate learning and HR managers,” said Josh Bersin, president of Bersin & Associates, a leading analyst and advisory firm in corporate learning and talent management. “This merger creates an industry leader in learning content management, providing HR and learning organizations a single solution provider, which can offer a broad and proven set of content management and social networking tools to help manage the tremendous amount of learning content in businesses today.”

The combined company has more than 300 customers, including many of the world’s best-known commercial, government and defense organizations; a strong global base with close to 40 percent of its business coming from international clients; and, solid finances with 50 percent of its revenue coming from recurring business. The company will make its headquarters in Boston and maintain offices in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

About Eedo Knowledgeware Corp.

Quebec-based Eedo Knowledgeware is a leading provider of learning and knowledge systems to drive productivity and efficiency. Eedo offers a set of powerful, adaptable and easy-to-use tools for business people and learning experts, addressing practical knowledge management requirements including; learning content management, dynamic delivery, rapid authoring, assessment, knowledge sharing, simulation, performance support and indexing and search. Eedo's award winning products are utilized in a broad range of industries and enterprises such as The Boeing Company, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Internal Revenue Service and Lufthansa. Eedo is privately held, with offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom and can be found on the web at www.eedo.com

About OutStart

OutStart software powers formal and on-demand learning, knowledge sharing and community/expert collaboration solutions that enable knowledge workers – employees, partners, and customers – to perform their roles far more efficiently and effectively. AgustaWestland, Autodesk, British Telecom, CVS Caremark, the U.S. Navy, Verizon Wireless and others rely on OutStart to increase individual and organizational performance, improve knowledge transfer and lower operating costs. Located in Boston, Mass., OutStart has offices throughout the U.S. and Europe and can be found on the web at www.outstart.com