CAE selects OutStart’s LCMS to Support Worldwide Training Operations for Canadian Air Force

Boston – December 11, 2008OutStart plans to implement its OutStart LCMS (learning content management system) software as part of a global project to help Canada’s Air Force transform its training operations. The project, called AFIILE (Air Force Integrated Information and Learning Environment), is led by prime contractor CAE and enlists OutStart, xwave, and other companies to help Canada’s Air Force build a military training environment that will meet current and future requirements. AFIILE offers an integrated suite of software applications that users can access to develop, manage and deliver training content across the enterprise.

“There’s a proliferation of training and information systems within the Canadian Air Force, and training content is not widely accessible between one air force school and another. AFIILE will provide our men and women with an environment in which to share mission-critical content,” says Major Denis Forest of the Directorate Air Force Programs. “An LCMS allows us to marshal all of our training resources to be far more agile in terms of where and how we train our personnel. We feel the LCMS will be a catalyst for increasing a learner’s time on task and enabling our people to do their jobs faster and better, since they’ll no longer be tied to any single type of instruction.”

According to the Canadian Air Force, more personnel are retiring each year, and the pace of operations has picked up. Therefore, air force trainers believe conventional training methods are no longer the most efficient way for its schools to impart the instruction needed to meet the air force mission.

To meet the challenges, the Canadian Air Force chose a CAE-led team to build AFIILE, a common operating platform for learning. OutStart was chosen to provide the learning content management system as part of the AFIILE program. The OutStart LCMS automates the development and delivery of learning; captures and repurposes training content; and, integrates the collaboration of experts.

“CAE and its AFIILE team will deliver a performance-oriented training solution to Canada’s Department of National Defence that will reduce the training time required to achieve proficiency, while increasing overall training capacity,” said Marc Parent, CAE’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “The AFIILE program helps further establish CAE’s leadership position in military training services in Canada, and we are pleased to have leading companies such as Outstart as part of our AFIILE team."

The LCMS will standardize the way online training is created and distributed, so units across Canada’s Air Force can access the same lessons, in the same way. In addition, OutStart’s software will give air force training professionals a way to collaborate online with other personnel who may have expertise important to developing a training program. To do this, the LCMS provides a virtual room wherein these experts and training professionals can contribute know-how, review content, and edit and approve e-learning courses, regardless of their time zone or location.

And lastly, the OutStart LCMS – through AFIILE – will offer air force personnel one repository for learning content. Since all air force training and “learning objects” (i.e., the bits, bytes and graphics that make up a course) will be in one place, air force personnel will ultimately be able to easily find what they need.

For example, it is envisaged that if a technician on a new deployment in the Persian Gulf has to repair an aircraft system that he hasn’t seen in six months, then he might not be able to do it without shipping the system back to his home unit to have an expert work on it. But with the OutStart LCMS in place, the training, documentation or expertise can be delivered to the technician where he is, in the format he needs, so he can fix the system. That translates into a huge savings in time, manpower and money. 

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